Frédéric Leroulley

The 8Ps Of Event Planning

Here’s a recipe on how to successfully create an event from scratch. When creating plans to market a service, you might have learned that there are “7 Ps” to successfully grow your service, reach your goals and fulfill your objectives. If you don’t remember them, these 7 Ps in service marketing are known as Product, … Read more

Toolbox: Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Forms Templates In almost every event, part of the success is achieved with the help of volunteers. But, it’s important to get all the necessary information when recruiting volunteers. Volunteers should be assigned to a position of interest as well as use their skills when necessary.   Below are the forms that can accelerate … Read more

Toolbox: Registration Forms

TOOLBOX  Registration Form Templates When planning an event, different registrations forms are needed to retrieve proper information from external sources such as vendors, sponsorships, partnerships or suppliers. Provided on this post are forms that may be useful for you when organizing the event and filtering through all your activities and transactions to be made. Registration … Read more

Top 7 Must-Read Event Blogs

Top 7 Must-Read Event Blogs After reading blog after blog, and page after page, I have come up with a list of popular event blog that you must read. Although there are so many out there, I have dissected plenty of blog lists to present you the most valuable ones for event professionals like yourselves. … Read more

Toolbox: Sponsorship Forms

Sponsorship Forms Sometimes the best way to get a sponsorship is to present the sponsor with a prepared contract and portfolio showing them how well prepared and ready you are to bring your event into reality. Sponsorship Form 1: Here is an example of a modified agreement that you can use to help seal the deal … Read more

Toolbox: Checklists

Checklists Event planners without a doubt create a list of activities they must complete. These to-do lists can become tedious tasks to complete when a handful of deadlines is set and time is precious. Checklist 1: If you are unsure how to plan an event follow this detailed checklist and follow these steps and they … Read more

Toolbox: Budgeting Forms

Budgeting Form Templates One of the most crucial steps when planning an event is to think of the finances. Even if you hold an amazing event, the results could still end up being bad as the costs were must more than you expected. In order to avoid making such mistakes, it is good to have … Read more

Toolbox: Schedule Forms

Schedule Templates In one day, there are countless appointments and tasks that must be completed to meet the deadlines one has possibly set. With a schedule, all these fulfillments can easily be classified and easily be remembered. Schedule Form: Very simple printout schedule to write down which activities are do at a certain date Download: Schedule … Read more