August 2021 Release Notes


  • Organization Management on Sites: Allow organization representatives to manage their organization from My Account on sites.
  • Live Booths: Added live booths feature for organizations. This page offers a virtual booth for organizations with features like live video, chat, and Q&A.
  • Mobile App Pages: Added Pages table for mobile apps to manage mobile app pages.
  • Appointments in Mobile Apps: Display appointment listings in the mobile app.
  • 1-on-1 Chat: Created in-house solution for 1-on-1 chat on websites and mobile apps.


  • Repopulate sales contact form fields when validation is triggered
  • Allow more management options for email in My Contact Information on sites
  • UI redesign of organization detail page on sites
  • Changed organization’s people (representatives) assignment modal
  • Added configuration tab for the pages table on manager
  • Upgraded datetime picker
  • Upgraded text editors
  • Make the document links public for the public documents
  • Update the image editor when upload a picture
  • Add saved filters to tables


  • Fix url for coupon codes
  • Fix submission redirect for sales contact form
  • Fix mass mailing people selection issue
  • Fix ticket holder creation link
  • Removed invalid menu items from the event listing on websites
  • Fix document uploads timeouts
  • Add back missing confirmation message when submitting a form in My account in the websites
  • Fix Messaging popup only listing the first 15 people
  • Fix Message popup not listing people in alphabetical order
  • Fix GET requests on the events API redirecting to the login page when submitting from a browser