January 2021 Release Notes


  • Event and Private chat channels for event site: Added a community panel that includes an event chat and a private chat on event site.
  • Session chat channel for event site: Added a session chat for ‘Live Session’ page.
  • Event and Private chat toggles: Added toggles for enabling/disabling private and event chat in Website Configurations.
  • Embedded session feature toggles: Added mechanism to manage embedded session information on virtual session panel.
  • Create Zoom meetings: Added zoom create meeting functionality via zoom api in virtual session panel.
  • Embedded Zoom video on event site: Added embedded zoom video for ‘Live Session’ page.
  • Live Session page: Added new ‘Live Session’ page on sites for virtual sessions. This page is a general overview of the virtual session which offers embedded video, session chat, and virtual session info.
  • Redirect links on sites: Configuration parameters for redirect links added that allow organizers to change the redirect links after session signin, signout, submissions, and registrations. (The parameter value needs to be added manually)


  • Redesign event details section of sites home page. Event countdown has been moved into event details section. Also added log in button beside registration button.
  • Added register button next to login on sites top navbar. Button serves as a ‘registered’ flag when logged in.
  • Added Registration section to My Profile on sites to inform user of registration status.
  • Allow editing submissions in ‘Conditionally Accepted’ status, previously only able to edit ‘Draft’ status submissions.
  • Added ‘Re-Submitted’ status for submissions that were previously in a ‘Submitted’ state.
  • Added ‘Vimeo’ provider type for virtual sessions.
  • Improved warning message when access is denied to virtual session to better guide users.
  • Added primary role field for people.
  • Replaced the old registration form page with the new registration form page.
  • Registration message name and confirmation message fields are now translatable.
  • Merged website customization and configuration pages.
  • Changed the schedule table to use backbone table instead of bootstrap table used in people panel.
  • Changed the defaults for the session attendance report to include private and organizer only items.
  • Added the public end date to registration confirmation emails.
  • Added support for webp images.
  • Added ability to block email addresses and domains.
  • Added ability to redirect emails via Grenadine Gateway.
  • Improved email logging.
  • Add checks for validity of email addresses before sending.


  • Fixed submission count in manager tab not reflecting submission count in table.
  • Fixed incorrect display of person tiles on sites session detail page attendee section.
  • Fixed forgot my password link resend in email confirmation page.
  • Fixed the different payment provider buttons overlapping in the payment page on sites.
  • Fixed GIFs not displaying in the generated PDFs for tickets.
  • Fixed current bio picture not set as the default value in registration forms when there is one.
  • Fixed person’s role not translated in the person’s detail panel and in the people table.
  • Fixed incorrect link to content pages in the mobile homepage in the manager.
  • Removed ‘remembered’ filters for now.