July 2020 Release Notes


  • Users Timezone: Users can set their home timezone in their user profile. The session details page will be shown in the user’s timezone.
  • Updated date and time formatting on sites: Displayed dates and times have been reworked across sites and are more cohesive. The event’s timezone can be enabled to display across sites where times are displayed.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Added Terms of Use and Privacy policy on sites for Grenadine and customer scope. Both can be set by the customer and enabled for account creation and guest checkout.
  • Export All: New Excel generation and the option to export all, obviating the need to display a large number of rows before export. Previously the export was only exporting the rows of the current page. Also uses the Excel types for dates, times, and formats URLs as links. This is available in most of the grids in the Solution (People, Schedule, Tickets, etc.).
  • Quick Export: Added a new quick export choice menu under the “Export” grid button. This option only exports a few key fields for users to quickly extract key data from the solution.


  • Added ticket expulsion constraint field on session modal dialog (Event Manager > Your event > Schedule). People who hold tickets belonging to the excluded list cannot sign up for the session.
  • Added ‘pronoun’ field in the Event Manager > Your event > People edit dialog page and under Event Website > My Account > My Profile to allow users to set their pronouns.
  • Participant roles are now displayed in my-schedule and assignments on sites. Staff assignment information is reflected in the my-schedule list as well.
  • Notes to participants are now seen by the participants in the session detail page.
  • Added a new section (i.e. Registration) in Website Configuration page. In this section, people can write the registration introduction text which will appear on the registration page of the website.
  • Added a confirmation popup to the mass email send function. Now when clicking ‘send’ for mass emails, a popup confirms that you are ready to send.
  • Changed the tax form’s visual display on the global settings page (i.e. moved the checkboxes under the tax input fields, and added validators to the checkbox)
  • Improved people page grid column alignment (i.e. The Notes, Docs, and Tasks columns in the people grid are aligned from the center)
  • Added organizer’s notes section on the session detail page on top of the description section
  • Token expiration time for Magiclink extended to 8 hours.
  • Gave permissions to ‘Planner’ role to access the Virtual Room tab in the manager.


  • Adjusted the size of the progress bar in checkout to be less obvious.
  • Fixed cancel signup email not sending error
  • Fixed Call for Submissions back button incorrectly displaying after submission
  • Fixed the ticket type validation error message not disappearing issue
  • Fixed the people merge functionality
  • Fixed column sorts and filters
  • Fixed empty document page issue. For instance, when there are visible documents associated with non participants/speakers, the Speaker section will not appear on the document page.
  • Eliminated frequent updates when an attendee favourites a session or signs up to a session.
  • Fixed signup constraints. People who do not meet the prerequisites for a session signup cannot buy tickets associated with the session.