March 2019 Release Notes

We have been busy working on new features and making improvements to existing ones. Below you will find a detailed list of the changes we have made to Grenadine.

Attendees Privacy Settings

  • A new section called “Default attendee display and privacy preferences” has been added in the “Event Manager -> Website -> Website Configurations” page. It includes new parameters allowing to configure the default privacy settings for your attendees (will the attendee profile will be public by default, will the )
  • On the Grenadine Event Website, The “My Profile” page has been redesigned and now include the new attendee’s privacy preferences.

Call for Submissions

  • The new component is continuously improving. Please find more information about this subject here

Custom Fields (beta)

  • You can now add custom fields in Grenadine. There is a new page allowing to manage these fields: “Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Custom Fields”. Check out our documentation page on this subject
  • For now, you can add Custom fields to the People and Call for submissions table but we are going to extend this feature to the other entities used in Grenadine (Schedule, Organizations, etc..)


  • You can now add some text at the top the Schedule page on the website. Here is an example from one of our customer using this feature to filter the schedule by venue.
  • Session Themes have been moved over to Categories (you won’t see any change in your data). You can use the “Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Categories” page to manage your categories.
  • Sessions have a new “Publishable” status that determines if they are to be published or not (Previously this was done using the Visibility field).
  • Sessions can now be published without rooms or times
  • Sessions no longer require an end time.
  • Unscheduled and partially scheduled sessions can now be published.
  • Session themes have been moved over to categories and have translatable display names.


  • The “Ticket Types” (“Event Manager -> Registration -> Ticket Types”) page has been redesigned to include the table with the right panel.


  • We have added the ability to give translateable descriptions and display names to categories.
  • If a category is not relevant for all events it can be marked as “Applicable for” to ensure it will only be shown for certain events.

Grenadine Website

  • Users can now replace time countdown (for scroll issue) on sites.
  • Map display on sites has been fixed to use an iframe.


  • The “People” report has been modified to work with the new privacy preferences for each user.
  • The “Session full view” has been modified to include full scheduling information on subsessions.
  • A new filter has been added for some reports to allow filtering on venues.