November 2018 Release Notes

November was an exciting month for Grenadine. We made some eye-catching aesthetic changes, began to roll out our “Call for Submissions” feature, and continued to improve and fix Grenadine so it can meet as many of your needs as possible.

Aesthetic Changes

If you have used Grenadine staging in the past month, you most likely noticed our sleek new look. Not only did we change the color scheme, but we have also moved the menu bar to the side allowing a clearer view of your many options. By changing the location of the menu bar we have made Grenadine easier to use so you won’t have to spend time looking for what you need.

Call For Submissions

In November we began rolling out our “Call For Submissions” feature. This allows you to not only create a call for submissions within Grenadine, but you can also review, and approve or reject all of the submissions you receive.

Here you can see what it looks like in staging when you create a Call For Submissions:

Below is an example of what you will see when you review submission:

We are working away to make this feature even better and soon you will be able to assign others to give each submission a thorough review.

Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

On top making Grenadine a better-looking site with increased functionality, our team also improved speed on our public sites, allowing you to do what you need to do at a quicker pace.