November 2022 Release Notes

November 2022 Features

  • Pages Table Split: Admin Pages table has been split into two tables to represent the Pages menus on Sites: Public and Non-Public Pages.
  • Edit Canvas for Pages: Configuring options for Pages is now available for Event Organizers directly on the Event Website. You can now set Page configurations and edit custom Page html on Site Pages as an Event Organizer.
  • Scheduled Mass Mailings: From the Admin Mass Mailings table, you can now schedule mass mailings to send at a later time.

November 2022 Improvements

  • UI improvements for responsive views of top menus on Sites. Improved small screen view and behavior.
  • Allow changing virtual space URL field for sessions when Grenadine Jitsi is the provider.
  • On Sites, Pages are now displayed in two distinct menus consisting of Public and Non-Public Pages.
  • Added various column sorts and filters to tables on Admin.
  • Added tax columns to Orders table.