May 2022 Release Notes

May 2022 Features

  • Login on Event Portal: Add login to the website event portal.
  • Travel Documents for People: Add a travel documents feature. You can now upload travel documents for a person panel and send them a link to their travel documents using a mail merge field. The travel documents of the person will also appear in their site account section.
  • Configurations Table: Add a configurations table.
  • Virtual Meetings: Add documents, chat and check-ins to virtual meetings.

May 2022 Improvements

  • Allow creating categories from various category select fields in Admin
  • Allow changing label color of categories on sites schedule and session pages
  • Add a sponsor organization field for sessions which displays the organization on schedule tiles and session pages
  • Added a retry for failed mass edit people
  • Add a status field (confirmed or requested) to requirements.
  • Add a size column in the documents tables.
  • Clean up the left menu.

May 2022 Fixes

  • Fix all responses not shown for multiple choice question types in survey responses
  • Fix blank ticket confirmation pdf in order confirmation emails
  • Fix bio and social media update for person update api
  • Fix contact center failing to submit ticket and missing notification email when ticket was submitted
  • Fix people merge error due to mailing traces
  • Select all not working for mass assign/unassign or delete actions
  • Fix a bug where a person associated with a company cannot be added as a representative of the same company.
  • Fix empty confirmation emails in mail history.