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The Grenadine All-in-One Event Management Software allows you a full overview of all environments while allowing autonomy within each. In a single click create and assign a new environment benefiting from the integration of Grenadine and your shared services.

In addition, each Event Organizer Team can organize and manage their respective events with industry leading, all-in-one professional Event Planning Tools from their own environment and user logins. Creating their own events, websites, registration and ticket sales with shared branding and services.

Fully featured with flexible control between teams and events sets Grenadine as the ideal solution to all your event planning needs, present and future. All the tools, all the features, all the power, all the time, Grenadine Will Simplify Your Day.

Features that simplify managing every aspect of planning and execution.

Tools and Features to simplify how you plan, promote and manage your Events.

Ease of use, centralized overview, your day will be a whole lot simpler. 

Consistent institution branding with access via your login system, A+.


Centrally support and assist each business unit with the perfect balance of autonomy and governess.

A ticketing platform that gives you more control, more features, more revenue and Yes, WE PAY YOU!


We have your Solution, less time planning and more time networking, let Grenadine Simplify Your Day!


As a long time event planner, I’ve used plenty of other softwares. However, Grenadine’s Customer Support is what MAKES this program so great. I’ve asked for features, and they’ve been implemented. I have questions and they’re quick to answer.

– Erin Wayne, Twitch

Easy to use! The software is very easy to use. The App is easy to use. Very pleased with the system as a whole. Grenadine staff is wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend this product for any event planner who works on large or small events.

– Janelle Guidry, National Association of Basketball Coaches

Robust platform at a great value! For our conference, we utilized Grenadine’s publishing features and received very positive feedback from our attendees. The web schedule is clean with multiple layout options and the mobile app, easy to use (..)

– Suzan Yin, International Documentary Association

We organize a few events per year, among which, last year, one 800-people conference. The Grenadine people were always there to help and support, and even modify the app according to our suggestions and needs; they even managed to help us with our own administrative problems.

– Lucie Morisset, UQÀM