Our training aims to introduce you to the main concepts related to event management in Grenadine. It gives you an overview of the main features and allows you, through examples or practical exercises, to familiarize the user interface and to know the configuration possibilities. We can also organize custom training to meet your requirements through our professional services.

We offer two kinds of training:

  • Online training sessions
  • In-person training (in some geographies)

The typical duration for a training session is 3 hours.

Requirements: PC or Mac with Internet access and Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safar installed.

Typical training plan

The training will allow you to know the steps of creating and planning a typical event, as well as the publication of a public site for taking registrations of your guests.

General Subjects

  • Understand the 6 main components of the Grenadine system
  • Organizational structure in business mode
  • Navigation, menus, support and online help
  • Multilingualism

Event Planning

  • Creation of an event, languages, formats and images
  • Speakers, audience, staff and custom fields
  • Registration and registration forms, payment setup
  • Promo codes
  • Specification of places and rooms
  • Creation of a program and its sessions
  • Creation of poster sessions
  • Virtual rooms and virtual posters
  • Company profiles
  • Sending mass emails

Event Website 

  • Publishing a site
  • Connection methods and user identification
  • Choice of interactive options for the community


  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Mobile apps

Advanced features

  • Calls for submissions
  • Logistics (food, beverages, equipment)
  • Creation of a business instance