Community management

Communicate with your participants

Send invitations, surveys, questionnaires, schedules, confirmations, documents, itineraries or promotional material to all or to select categories of participants. Specify templates, prepare mailings, manage batch sending and view email reports.

Manage Mailings

Plan and manage all customizable communications, simply select intended recipients, templates and add content. For example, a mailing can be set up to send schedules to all confirmed participants, just speakers or any combination of categories as chosen by the user. The system personalizes each message including all selected inclusions and information.

Promote your event to your community

Communications with your community has never been easier. The power of Grenadine Event Planning Software utilizes your automatically generated Event Website and Event Mobile Guide to facilitate promoting your event directly to your community. In just a couple of minutes import previous attendees or mail-to list and send them a personalized invitation and/or promotional material encouraging them to attend your event.

After Checking In the days attendees, use the mass-mailer feature to quickly send a personalized reminder message to all who have yet to attend, a Thank You note or perhaps even a discount code to encourage a return visit, for those who have. Grenadine gives you the tools, the features and the control.

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are short messages you send to users of your Grenadine Event Guide mobile app. Messages you send will appear in the mobile device’s notification area, or within the app. Use push notifications to send information or promotional material instantly to your entire community.