Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Case Study

How the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention used Grenadine Event Management Software as a registration for its online convention in 2022







The challenge

Calgary City Teachers Convention Association organizes each year a convention with more 12,000 attendees with more than 500 sessions on 2 days.


  • Event vs Sessions Registration: When the event registration system opens, there is a rush of thousands of registrations within hours. Once registered for the event, they must register for the sessions they wish to attend among the 576 sessions (keynotes and workshops) scheduled for the event program.
  • On site that became Online : With the pandemic the event had to become a fully online event. The event software becomes a virtual conference center. The challenge is to recreate an online framework reproducing the intensity of an event of this magnitude: several dozen sessions in parallel with discussions, questions, satisfaction surveys, multiple communication channels (event, sessions and in groups) and numerous meeting opportunities (among participants and with partner organizations).
  • The robustness of the event software is essential: With an online event of this magnitude spanning just two days, the system must be able to handle thousands of simultaneous connections and interactions. Slowdowns or a breakdown could jeopardize the entire event.

Products Used


  • 100% uptime: Despite the magnitude of the event, Grenadine Event Software did not suffer any response time issues
  • 67,354 check-in: this is the number of (auto) check-in obtained during the 2 day events.
  • 4,472 feedback surveys: After each session, registrants were invited to answer a feedback surveys by Grenadine Event Software.
  • 329 questions with 618 votes in 21 sessions: Grenadine online session page offers the capacity to ask speakers questions and vote.