Mobile Event Apps

Guide and connect your audience

Grenadine Event Management Software offers 2 native mobile applications on iOS and Android:

  • Grenadine Event Guide: For the attendees and speakers
  • Grenadine Event Checkin: For the organizers and staff

With Grenadine event Software you can create a mobile app for your event with a single click. No development is required from our team (unless you want a full custom branded mobile app).

Event Guide Mobile App

Grenadine Event Guide is an event mobile app that allows attendees and speakers, panelists to get your event information (such as schedules), documents, and other useful tips provided by organizers in the palms of their hands.

Our mobile apps offers rich features: event info, push notifications, , personalized schedules, speakers listing, matchmaking, badge scanning, attendee to attendee messaging, eTickets, sponsor listings, smart personalized recommendations based on personal interests.

Connect and Network

The connections made by those at your event can bring a tremendous amount of value for both attendees and participants. The ease with which people at your event can connect and network will significantly impact how successful your event is. This is why Grenadine Event Guide has made it easier for you, the event organizer, to point both attendees and participants in the direction of sessions and people that will increase the overall value of their time spent at your event.

By enabling event organizers to provide instant updates through push notifications, Grenadine Event Guide is able to inform attendees and participants of important event information while facilitating engagement by allowing attendees and participants to network and provide feedback to event organizers.

View up-to-date schedules

The event mobile app presents the event schedule on a day by day basis, enabling attendees to easily search through the event program and presentations.

Schedules and schedule updates are published in real-time to always see the latest information, including last-minute room changes and adjusted start times.

Make your personal schedule and sync it on all your devices

Add and remove items to your own schedule and be advised of changes to rooms or times of sessions you are attending. Sync it between your web access and your devices and update it from anywhere.

Search talks and presenters

See who’s presenting what and search through names, view presenter bios and access public presenter profiles from LinkedIn and Facebook. Searching within mobile app data is instant and always up-to-date.

Presenters can distribute attached documents through the Grenadine self-service portal.

Add custom contents to your app

In an event mobile app, you always need the schedule, list of people, and location information. Sometimes, you also need to add custom contents that will inform your visitors. With the Grenadine App, you can add any amount of custom information that you require, such as “about us” pages, pages that present the history of your event, suggestions on where to go and what to eat, maps, and any other custom content that you feel will be useful to your attendees.

Event Checkin Mobile App

Grenadine Event Checkin is a native mobile application on iOS and Android that syncs with your event and sessions registration list.

Event checkin

Event organizers and staff just need to install the mobile application on their phone, choose their event and login; Once in the app they an scan the QR codes on the tickets and/or on the attendees badges to start helps and check in attendees in an efficient manner.

Session checkin

You can use the Event Checkin mobile app to checkin attendees at the event level or at the session level.

We have your back event with the wi-fi is not so great!

The mobile app offers 3 mode depending on the network or wi-fi quality that you will get.