Schedule builder

Build your event schedule

The Grenadine schedule builder is one of the most powerful tools on the market. This can be as simple as entering your Show name, dates, opening hours and location or as complex as your 400+ session conference taking place in 5 venues and of course everything in between. Once pertinent information is entered, your website and mobile app are automatically generated and your participants can review and confirm their attendance.

Entering a typical Session

  • A session title
  • A description
  • Venue and allocated room with capacity
  • Start time and duration
  • Private notes for organizing staff
  • Notes to share with participates
  • Session format
  • Room setup requirements
  • Private or Public
  • Number of Presenters
  • Estimated audience size
  • Card size for digital display on Event Mobile App

Organizers can also list special requirements and additional information for each session, designate tags or keywords to assist in searches, determine equipment requirements (AV, internet access, laptops, whiteboards, etc.) and include images, such as headshots, logos or sponsorship info for display on your Website and Event Guide Mobile app.

Tracks and themes

To assist users in finding sessions of interest, simply tag sessions with one or more track and/or theme, Use of visible definitions, colour coding and multiple filters allow your guests to easily find, follow and purchase according to their interest.

Limited-availability events

For limited capacity or special considerations Grenadine enables you to specify the capacity and even add a wait-list. Attendees may sign up for any and all events, including those with limited-availability directly through the Grenadine Mobile Event App or your hosted Grenadine Event Website. As the Organizer, you may choose to add or modify a single or multiple registrations directly in the system with complete confidence. As any registration activity or wait-list status changes will result in automatic updates to all published schedules and the sending of notification/ confirmation to those affected.

Poster and Sub-sessions

Some events have special presentations where multiple speakers take turns presenting their subject matter, then join the audience and continue to attend while other presenters take their turn. Grenadine addresses these requirements and offers a distinct poster session solution.

Scheduling conflict resolution

The Grenadine Solution provides for full scheduling of activities for a single or multiple venue event. The software identifies scheduling conflicts and facilitates their resolution.

All scheduled sessions and presentations are listed on a visual calendar and conference planners can re-schedule and change sessions by simple drag-and-drop action.

Within the powerful scheduling module, the Grenadine System verifies all your people, events and rooms to determine conflicts. Should the powerful tool find a conflict, it reacts swiftly to assist in its resolution.