University Edition

Tools Made for Schools and Universities

Grenadine is the only Event Management Software specifically designed to meet the needs of universities and their departments and faculties! Allow your organizational units to manage and organize their events as they want with an all-in-one professional event software under your domain and branding, your online payment solution (integrated with your financial systems to facilitate revenue reconciliation), and your oAuth login providers. Grenadine allows the Academic Organization to centrally support and assist each Department, Faculty, or School. It also provides the perfect balance between the centralization of an organization’s shared services (credit card payment, support, financial services integration, branding, etc.) and freedom of event management for each organizational unit.  

Grenadine offers the ideal solution for universities, colleges, academies, and other educational institutions to offer a comprehensive Event Management solution for their departments, faculties, or schools. For optimal management of multiple Event Software environments in your departments, schools or faculties there is Grenadine Academic Edition.

What’s included in the Grenadine Academic Event Planning package?

Everything you and your team needs to plan, collaborate, and present information to your attendees! This package allows you to equip your event organizers with all components of  Grenadine Event Management Software:

  • Grenadine Event Manager: Portal for organizers to manage, plan and pilot events (venues, partners, sponsors, people, programs, finance, documents, etc.)
  • Grenadine Call for Submissions: this tool allows you to invite people to submit content from the event website. This tool is especially suited for the management of Call for Papers (CfP), Call for Abstracts, etc.
  • Grenadine Registrations: this tool offers online free or paid registration on the Grenadine Event Website. The registration can be for the event of for specifics meetings such as workshops.
  • Grenadine Event Website: a website is automatically created for each event. This site allows to:
    • Present the event (schedule, speakers, sponsor, etc.)
    • Offer to the community of attendees and speakers self serve features (forum, personalized schedule, personal profile, tickets, bills, etc.)
  • Grenadine Event Guide: a mobile application for your attendees. An app is automatically built for each event and always maintained in sync.
  • Grenadine Event Check-in: a mobile application for the organizers allowing to scan badges and manage check-in / check-outs and show stats. 
  • Grenadine APIs: we offer a large bank of API allowing you to integrate Grenadine with any external systems.

Grenadine is an excellent product. Before this option came around, we used to create our own applications for our customers. It was a lot of work and time to achieve the result our customers expected of us.

Stéphanie Beauchamp, UQAM

Custom domain name

Each environment is assigned a custom subdomain name. All environments are hosted under your own domain name.

Sending emails via your corporate email addresses

Emails sent from Grenadine (invitations, surveys, tickets, invoices,etc.) can be sent from a personalized email address that belongs to you. This provides better branding and also ensures that eventual replies will go directly to your organization rather than to Grenadine Technologies.

Integrated with your payment gateways

In addition to payment gateways supported by Grenadine out-of-the-box, we can integrate your own custom payment gateways or your own custom financial systems.

Integrated with your login providers

In addition to login providers supported by Grenadine out-of-the-box, we can integrate your own login providers.

One organizational unit, one environment

The Grenadine Enterprise edition offers the capacity to create and manage multiple environments, one for each team of organizers working together on one or more events. Each environment is accessed through a unique URL

Central administration console

An administration console provides “super users” with the ability to create new environments while also managing existing environments. “Super Users” within your organization are given privileged access to the console and can manage and access all environments to offer, for example, training or support.  

What are the costs?

Grenadine Enterprise Edition for Academics pricing is based on a fixed yearly cost to facilitate the adoption of the system in the faculties/departments knowing that the organizers do not have to pay additional fees for using Grenadine event management software.

  • unlimited users, attendees, and participants
  • unlimited environments
  • unlimited events

The pricing is driven by two factors:

  • The number of (free and paid) tickets issued in Grenadine per year across all events and all environments.
  • The number of submissions received in Grenadine per year across all events and all environments.

Estimation of both numbers is proposed by the University to come to an agreement.