Badging & Check-in

Native app for iPhone and Android

The Grenadine Check-in mobile application used to easily scan QR codes at any point of entry into your event. The application does not require additional equipment or expense, simply download for free rom the App Store or Google Play and enter the user-ID to automatically determine event and mode of use. Powerful yet Simple.

The application allows multi-users to complete multiple or same task simultaneously. Have multiple security personnel scan show entry and exit. Compliance to entry requirements are confirmed with both an audio and visual signal. All fully integrated with Grenadine Event Planner and provides for easy on-site verification and confirmation. The information is automatically updated and stored in Grenadine Event Planner and available to be viewed and reported in real-time. Know how many attendees and who specifically is on your show floor or in your conference rooms, all in real-time.

The Grenadine Check-in mobile application will easily scan badges, paper tickets, paperless e-Tickets and cashless e-Tickets just purchased on-site.

Promotional Tool

At the end of the day, after checking in all attendees, use the mass-mailer feature in Grenadine Event Planner to send a quick reminder to all who have yet to attend or a perhaps a discount to encourage a return visit for those who have. Grenadine gives you the tools, the features and full control of your complete ticketing system.

Install for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

Click to download Grenadine Check-in App on Android
Click to download Grenadine Check-in App on iPhone or iPad