Event Micro-Websites

Automatically generated event micro-websites

Promote your event online with an elegant, professional micro-website.  For each of your events, Grenadine Event Planner will automatically generate a public site that will be always up to date with the latest information on your event!

Grenadine Instant Event Websites were developed with your event’s participants in mind. Guests, speakers, and attendees using your event’s Grenadine Site will easily be able to find the information that matters to them. Moreover, they will be able to log in, view their tickets, update their contact information and contribute a public profile so that they can be seen by other attendees.

Event Locations

Where your event is taking place and a map of all your venues, plus individual pins showing where each venue is.

Event Countdown

A large countdown clock well in vue and displaying the number of days and hours until your event starts

Event Schedule

Up to date schedules for your event including item details such as descriptions, rooms, pictures, tags, durations and visual indicators for new and recently updated items

Instant website

Grenadine Instant Event Website is for more than just publishing, it also allows attendees to:

  • Register for your event via free or paid tickets
  • Register for individual space-limited special events, classes, concerts, etc. that are happening within your event’s schedule.
  • Contribute their full profile, bio, and picture so that others can see who they are and who’s attending.
  • Upload public documents for the event organizer, or to publish on their bio page.
  • See how many spaces and waitlisted spaces are available for limited events.
  • Sign-in and identify themselves using social media logins such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo!
  • See shared details of other attendees for items that they’ve signed up for.
  • Export your event, individual program items, and their registered items to their personal calendar as an iCal file including the time, description and room and venue information for each item.

Grenadine Instant Event Websites support a fully responsive web layout that adapts to computer screens, tablets, and mobile phones. No matter what device your attendees are using, rest assured that they will see a view optimized for their screen size and resolution.