Professional Services

Our team offers a variety of services on a time-and-materials basis or quoted for your requests.

Setup and Configuration

This service is for people who prefer to have the Grenadine team doing data entry and configuration for them. You send us your data (schedule, tickets, people, etc.), and we enter the information into Grenadine and setup the solution for you.

User Assistance

This service provides information to help a person to interact with Grenadine Event Software. For general questions about Grenadine and How-Tos.  

Online or On-site Training

This service is for people who prefer to have a hands-on approach and wish to become masters of Grenadine. It’s an online training via a screen sharing application with a Grenadine expert. The time and content of the training are adaptable to your needs. In general, a 3-hour session covers the main features of the solution. See the training section for more information.

On-demand Consulting

This service is for people who have particular business cases and would like Grenadine’s guidance on how to tackle the problem. This service gives you access to a Grenadine expert who will provide you with consulting services as well as recommendations on how to effectively use Grenadine to overcome the event’s challenges.