Cashless e-Ticketing

Looking for a ticketing platform that gives you more control, features and flexibility?

The experts at Grenadine, with decades of experience and thousands of successfully completed events will facilitate your ticket selling process.


It’s really as Simple as 1-2-3

  1. Set up your Ticket selling account in just a few minutes 
  2. Define your Ticket types
  3. Sell your Tickets and get paid, funds are immediately deposited to your account

The entire process takes just a few minutes and provides you with unprecedented control over every aspect of your ticket sales. Your cashless e-Ticketing solution gives you unlimited Ticket types, Promo and Discount Codes for an unlimited number of Events.

Combine with Grenadines Event Planner, Mobile Guide, Websites and Check-In App you have all the power, all the control and an amplified bottom line.

Grenadine will Simplify Your Day!

Grenadine cashless e-Ticketing, a complete ticketing solution brings control of your your entire process back to you. Unlimited Ticket Types, Unlimited Promo Codes, Unlimited Discount Codes, are all part of the standard offering. Tickets to your Event can be purchased on any device, from anywhere, even on-site. No delays or wait times for your funds, ticket sales are immediately deposited into your account, Grenadine. partnering in your success.