Annual conventions

Annual conventions for professional associations

Grenadine is a unique event management software adapted to the holding of conventions or annual events. From registration, to creating an event micro-website, to the promotion of your event, Grenadine Event Software is a tool built to help you with your needs. It allows you to have many admin users to work alongside you and many events which gives you the ability to re-use data throughout your instance.


Reuse data from one event to another

Grenadine is a great tool for annual events because of it’s capacity to have all your events’ data consolidated in one place. At the organization level where you can see all of your events, you can also access all of your people, organizations and venues within your instance.

As an annual event organizer, you can create a new event based off of a previous event allowing you to start with an already existing event shell. You can also import people that attended or spoke at a previous event from your instance. All your data can be easily moved from one event to another allowing you to save lots of time and resources.

Community management

Grenadine allows you to manage individuals from across all of your events. Your community in Grenadine is the amalgamation of your events’ people in all roles including: Speakers, Attendees, Staff, and Representatives. Within your event manager, you have the possibility of inviting previous individuals to attend, speak, or perform duties for your next event’s edition based on your organization’s needs. Community management across your events means that you can easily add an individual to an event without going through the trouble of entering manually if they already attended one of your past events. You can also share sessions and venues from one event to another.

The mass mailing tool is built-in for event and organization level. This gives you the flexibility to communicate with your community through an event or throughout all of your events. You can also create distribution list for inviting people to future events.