All the features you need, at your fingertips

Grenadine Event Management, the All-in-One event management software created to Simplify your day! A combination of tools and features that simplify how your conventions and events are managed. Everything in one place, consolidated into your environment and under your control. .

Create your Grenadine account, add the name and all pertinent information pertaining to your convention, such as dates, venue, capacities, budgets, tasks, scheduling, speakers, sponsors and registration options, press publish. Once published your registration can begin and all information and features are automatically updated to and optimized for your event website and your event guide mobile app. You can now import and manage participants from across all previous events and mass mail to everyone or a custom list in accordance with the criteria you set.

If you are doing multiple events, no problem, simply open a new environment and add an event, keeping all the same branding and shared services, with the same or additional users.