Top 7 Must-Read Event Blogs

Top 7 Must-Read Event Blogs

Top 7 Must-Read Event Blogs

After reading blog after blog, and page after page, I have come up with a list of popular event blog that you must read. Although there are so many out there, I have dissected plenty of blog lists to present you the most valuable ones for event professionals like yourselves.

1. BizBash

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With the mission to empower professionals with fresh ideas, knowledge, and resources to create smarter events, BizBash is a creative blog for users seeking to discover the latest event trends, for event planners in need of event ideas or technology and for people who are looking for potential event venues or suppliers. Not only do they provide readers with a plethora of resources to digest on, but they also let the information seep into one’s brain through their monthly podcasts with GatherGeeks.

2. Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog is, without doubt, one of the best blogs out there that bring event planners together and help them succeed in their event projects. From How To articles, to masterpiece works on event trends and ideas, to detailed explanations about the greatest event technology discoveries, this blog is a combination of what not to miss and what to know for event organizers out there.

3. Event Industry News

As you can see from their brand name, Event industry news brings their readers the most recent news available on topics related to the event management market. Without leaving out, technology and social trends, they present you with the best articles that one feature guest blogs, two highlights the top venues to pick from and three summarizes all the knowledge an event planner needs with their guides. Event industry news thrives to bring you fun and trivial news. In addition to their posts, they also have podcasts and videos available if you are more of a listener than a reader.  

4. Event Tech Brief

Although it is not a blog where articles are available to you in an instance, Michelle Bruno, founder of Event tech brief, sends weekly newsletter featuring topics specifically catered to event professionals. From technology applications, platform, devices, and solutions, event tech brief provides helpful information for those organizing trade shows, international meetings, conferences, festivals and public exhibitions.

5. Meeting Pool

Don’t know much about event technology? Don’t fret, The Meeting Pool is the blog that can educate you on all the revolutionary trends that can help event planners create the best events. Readers have access to an extensive list of articles discussing apps, business, the event industry, social media and of course, event technology. In addition to the online articles, infographics and white papers from external resources can all be found on this gem blog.

6. TechsyTalk

When I hear technology and event, Techsytalk is the first thing that comes to my mind. This online blog has the goal to bridge together event technology and event planner.  They swear to provide readers with the most informative resources about the newest technologies and trends. If you want to keep up-to-date with fresh tech news, this blog is for you.

7. Velvet Chainsaw

Think you know what is best for your conference or tradeshow, perhaps it’s a mistake on your part. Velvet Chainsaw Consulting’s blog is there to guide you and help you better your knowledge of event management. Their blog offers readers great tips on how to improve one’s conference, interesting webinars, and videos. Nevertheless, with their monthly newsletter, don’t miss out on more important findings.

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