Grenadine Release Notes

Current Release Notes

December 2022 Features

  • Checkout Refactor – Reworked the checkout process on Sites to improve user experience and stability of Registration system.
  • Anonymous Tickets – Allow completing registrations without designating ticket holders for tickets. You can assign a ticket holder after registration is complete.
  • Prevent Duplicate Tickets – Added configuration to prevent purchasing the same ticket type more than once.
  • Login IP Security – Added configuration to allow hiding login IP on Admin for security.

December 2022 Improvements

  • Upgrade Zoom Web SDK version for embedded Zoom
  • UX improvements for Poster sessions on Admin
  • UX improvements for Video sessions on Admin
  • UI improvements for Sessions listing on Sites
  • Add Edit Canvas for Registration pages on Sites
  • Allow adding multiple ticket types to cart at once on Sites Register page
  • Rename ‘Email’ to ‘Ticket holder email’ in Tickets table on Admin
  • Remove Door Monitor security role

December 2022 Fixes

  • Fix a configuration on Edit Canvas removing the wrong element on Home page
  • Fix the attendee search on sites
  • Fix the ‘Issue a PDF ticket’ filter in the ticket types table
  • Fix the session option in the share your registration page modal
  • Fix the ‘Reply to’ and ‘From’ sort actions in the mail histories table
  • Fix the ‘Subject’ filter in the mailings table
  • Fix the ‘Display name’ filter and sort action in the custom fields table
  • Fix the orders classic export
  • Fix the ‘Photo’ filter in the products table
  • Fix the booths excel export
  • Fix the global scope people export
  • Fix the ‘Country’ filter in the venues table
  • Fix issue where cancelled tickets are marked as completed when approving its order
  • Fix error when editing advanced taxes