November 2021 Release Notes


  • Manager Account Info: Added Account Info page on Manager to manage account info and see subscriptions/invoices (does not apply to Grenadine Enterprise Edition).Event Manager > My Account
  • Pre-recorded Video Sessions: Added new Video entity for sessions for displaying pre-recorded videos on sites. New Video table in Manager and Video pages for sites.Event Manager > Your Event > Schedule > Pre-recorded videos
  • Products: Shopping cart can now include products for purchase. New Products table on Manager and Product listing page on sites.Event Manager > Your Event > Registration > Products
  • Donations: Purchasers can now make donations during check out.Event Manager > Your Event > Registration > Donations
  • Ticket Approval: Planner can create tickets that require approval before purchase.Event Manager > Your Event > Registration > Ticket Types > Your Ticket
  • “Bust Out” Cache: Event manager can now “bust out” of cache when browsing on sites while being logged-in as an event manager.Event Website > Your Event
  • Appointment Title: Add the possibility to add a title to an appointment.Event Website > Your Event > My Schedule > Your Appointment
  • Venue Coordinates: Add the ability to manually add or modify the coordinates of a venue.Event Manager > Your Event > Venues > Your Venue


  • Display requirements to join session on Sites session detail page
  • Added scans table for Organizations and Booths in Manager
  • Adjust cache on Sites session detail page to always expire at session start time
  • Added hint text for Page contents
  • UI redesign for Ticket Types modal
  • Added link on session detail page to see full list of attendees for the session when number of attendees exceeds the maximum displayed number
  • Added new options for removing people from the people table: remove person from current conference or remove person from all conferences and move to trash
  • Display technical help links outside of Grenadine on Sites Help page
  • Added address fields in the ticket holder form during registration
  • Added “reimbursed by” and “reimbursed at” columns in the orders table
  • Turned off “prevent double-booking sessions for audience members” by default (can still be turned on)
  • UI adjustments to the schedule on public sites
  • Allow signing up for multiple sessions that are happening simultaneously (can be disabled)


  • Better error messaging when person already exists in Manager
  • Fix ticket type visibility issue
  • Fix video content not displaying properly on site
  • Fix mass email template content not copied properly
  • Fix APIs using GET requests redirecting to the login page when used in a browser
  • Fix dropdown answers not displayed in survey responses