June 2022 Release Notes

June 2022 Features

  • Session Import: Add session import to your schedule for easy and quick planning.
  • Organization Mass Edit: You can now edit multiple organizations at the same time by selecting them and clicking on edit. An editing tab will appear and the changes you will make will be done to all the organizations you selected.
  • New UI for Event Portal Page: This new UI includes tabs for Live & Past events, details about the instance, and customizable introduction text.
  • Job application survey: You can now add job application surveys to organizations.
  • Email notifications to organizations: When a person submits a survey for the organization, a notification is automatically sent to the organization that a survey has been submitted with information about the submission.

June 2022 Improvements

  • Re-order some fields in person modal
  • Add button to initiate email directly from a person’s email tab
  • People import
  • Add an assignments count column to the distribution lists table
  • Add a profile link in the right-panel top summary in the organizations table
  • Add a raw button and a details button in the right-panel top summary in the meetings table
  • Add the contest survey button and evaluation survey button to the organization detail page on sites
  • Add the virtual meeting URL to the calendar export in meeting confirmation emails
  • Remove autoplay for videos on sites
  • Add a link to go back to the event portal on sites when trying to access an event that is passed or not yet visible
  • Change the confirmation message when trying to resend a mass mailing
  • Transferred documentation on our company website and reorganized them.

June 2022 Fixes

  • Fix emoji picker placement for popup panel
  • Fix banner message not displaying on sites
  • Fix person not found in people searches due to published name
  • Fix cannot mass edit subscription field in the person modal
  • Fix cannot do inline edits in attendee, participant, staff and representative tables in admin
  • Fix cannot merge people who are part of a distribution list
  • Fix link to my account section on the Admin
  • Clean up the virtual meetings URL