March 2022 Release Notes


  • New Meetings table in Admin
  • New Grenadine Tools tile on the Admin event dashboard
  • New configuration to open/close registration on the website
  • New configuration page to enable/disable event APIs on Admin
  • Created document vault and media library pages that allow organizers to manage public and private documents
  • Complete redesign of the task feature with emails to inform task assignees they need to perform a task, a dashboard tile, a new and improved admin tasks table, a new My tasks section on the website, the ability to change a task’s status directly from the assignee’s email inbox and notifications when a task’s description or status is changed
  • A new Quick actions menu to create a task, create a person or upload a media from anywhere in the admin
  • Redesign the top-level dashboard to include the events table
  • Move the trash, session formats, chart of accounts, logistics, budget, income and expenses, invitation categories and documents bootstrap tables to our new backgrid tables
  • New table for registration types


  • Move website timezone configuration to Website Configurations page
  • Added an edit button to the survey responses table that allows organizers to make corrections or update survey responses
  • General speed improvement across all the admin tables
  • Improve the speed of the event switcher in the top menu
  • Simplify the registration messages by removing the table and including the post-registration message as a text field in the ticket types add and edit modals
  • Simplify the notes by removing the table and including the notes as text fields in the affected models
  • Format the email cells to make them clickable (mailto:)
  • Format some addresses cells to make them clickable (Google Maps)
  • Merge some columns in the people table to reduce the number of columns
  • Add a Tech Support role for schedule entries
  • Simplify session images by only using one and resizing based on the cell size


  • Fix order error in logistics report
  • Fix survey submission confirmation locale issue
  • Fix survey organization mandatory field bypass issue
  • Fix survey document upload issue
  • Fix attendees/speakers/staff/representatives import issue
  • Fix people merge error due to meetings