September 2021 Release Notes


  • Visibility Dates for People: A person visibility date range that will be used to determine if a person should be displayed on the website and in the mobile apps.
  • Appointment Reminders: Send a reminder to participants before an appointment.
  • Appointment Notifications: Notify appointment creator when an invitee accepts or denies an appointment.
  • Cancel Appointments: Allow appointment creators to cancel appointments.
  • People Mass Edit: Allow mass editing on some fields for People.


  • Add configuration for making attendees profile public by default
  • Replace live session video by recording and transcript URL’s when live session is archived
  • New pages and improvements to Grenadine docs
  • Perform check-ins when users visit organization detail pages
  • Editor image resize and alignment
  • People search by email and name in people add modal
  • Prevent people from booking appointments in the past
  • Add a link to the event portal in the event listing page


  • Fix crash on My Submissions to Review page
  • Fix low session images resolution on mobile apps
  • Fix Q&A moderation mode not enabling itself