July 2021 Release Notes


  • New Website Pages Table: Improved Pages table that allows managing sites pages, creating custom pages, and organization level pages.
  • Appointments: Allow booking appointments for some entities.


  • Added people listing by category view for sites
  • Save email from my profile on sites as default email
  • Display booth location info on organization detail pages on sites
  • Redesigned company creation dialog to prevent companies duplicates
  • Redesigned person creation dialog to prevent people duplicates
  • Created a booths menu section for managing booths
  • Made users’ dialog less restrictive for the current user
  • Added Discussant and Chair to schedule entry roles
  • Added a new page for offline websites
  • Allowed anyone to be the owner of a task, not just staff
  • Redesigned organization panel


  • Fixed issue with spaces in Zoom meeting IDs.
  • People merge
  • Organization’s refresh button
  • Fix conditions for site availability
  • Fix missing state/province info in survey response addresses
  • Fix missing date format in FR from My Orders on sites