October 2019 Release Notes

New Trash Screen feature

  • New Trash Screen: A new screen at the bottom of the side bar where you will find all items that you trashed. Trashed items can be restored from the trash bin at any time.
    You will find a Move to Trash button in the following screens: People, Ticket types, Call for Submission, and Submissions. Event manager > Your event > Trash
  • Trash from the People Screen: You can now move a person or multiple people to the trash bin directly from the People screen using the new Move to Trash on the left corner of the page.Event manager > Your event > People

Assign multiple to multiple sessions

  • Assign multiple people to multiple sessions: A multi-select functionality added to the schedules table to allow multiple people assignments to multiple sessions.Event manager > your event > Schedule
  • Assign multiple reviewers and groups to multiple submissions: A multi-select functionality has been added to the Submissions screen to allow multiple reviewers and group assignments to multiple submissions. Two new buttons have been added on the top left corner of the *Submissions” page: Assign Reviewers and Assign Groups.Event manager > Your event > Submissions
  • This feature is also available in the “Reviewers” tab in the detail panel of a Submission.