September 2019 Release Notes

New Feature

  • Instant polls: We are excited to now offer a new Instant Poll feature in the Grenadine Event Guide mobile app! It’s in beta for now, we will provide more info about this later on. If you want to know more please drop a line to

Event Manager

  • Delete an event: You can now delete any event at any moment in time (regardless of past sales)
  • Mulitple organizations for one person: You can now add more than one organization to a person. A new tab in the Organization’s detail panel now lists everyone related to a particular organization
  • Improved UI for Event Info: Event Info has been redeveloped to improve UX and allow inline editing
  • Improved UI for Custom Pages: Custom Pages have been moved, renamed to Pages, and redeveloped to integrate multiple functions table
  • Delete ticket types: You can now delete any ticket type regardless of past sales. A new Trash toggle on the upper right side of the page displays the deleted ticket types
  • New Community page: You can now configure participants features (Login, etc.) in the new Community page. It affects both Grenadine Event Website and Grenadine Event Guide mobile application
  • New Contact Center: You can now create a support request directly in Grenadine Event Manager using our new Contact Center form. It can be accessed from the Help menu
  • Add Spanish to your events: Spanish is now available as a content language. Grenadine Event Manager and Grenadine Event Website UI will come in a future release

Event Website

  • Add Facebook pixel: You can now add the Facebook pixel tracker on your event website through the website configuration screen.
  • Improved UI for My Account: My Account section has been redeveloped to improve UX and allow inline editing

Event Guide Mobile App

  • Schedule Push notifications: Push notifications can be scheduled for later delivery

Call for Submissions

  • New Draft feature: Submitters can now save a draft of their submission and complete it later
  • Improved Submission process: Submissions are now split into better structured distinct pages, according to each question group, allowing you to save entered information along the way
  • New Edit Submission feature: Event organizers can now edit submissions at any time. Submitters can edit their submissions at any moment before it reaches the “Accepted” status.
  • New Review forms feature: You can now create a custom form to evaluate submissions during reviews
  • New bulk reviewers assignments: You can now assign multiple submissions to one or more reviewers at the same time
  • Multiple organizations for submitters: Submitters can now specify one or many organizations in the Organization field
  • Improved words and characters count: Submitters can now see a word and character count for long text questions. A warning will appear when maximum characters have been reached

Fixes and general changes

  • Fixed translation issues for surveys
  • Fixed an issue when a custom field had an apostrophe in the name
  • LinkedIn is no longer available as a login option
  • Publishing timer has been improved