April 2022 Release Notes


  • Distribution Lists for Mass Mailing: Added distribution lists for mass mailings. You can now create your own static distribution lists or use our pre-built dynamic distribution lists.
  • Traces for Mass Mailing: Added traces for mass mailings to see more detailed information on the status of your communications.
  • Mail Histories: Replaced mass mailing page with a mail history table.
  • Unsubscribe to Communications: Added an unsubscribe button in the footer of mailings.
  • Send Email Quick Action: Added ‘Send an email’ to quick actions options.
  • Post-login Redirects on Admin: Return to the correct URL post-login on the Admin. For example, if you go to your_instance.grenadine.co/en/your_event/people/manage and you are not logged in, you will get redirected to the login page, and after you successfully log in, you will be redirected to the people table.
  • Tech Support Role: Add a Tech Support role for schedule entries.
  • Select All for Grids: Added Select All functionality for grids in the system.


  • Person’s chat toggle now only affects private chat. Event and entity chats as well as Q&A’s are unaffected by this toggle.
  • Consolidate registration enabled on sites configurations to one configuration.
  • Scan people into sessions on Pre-recorded Video pages.
  • Add emoji button for chats on sites which rely on the native OS emojis.
  • Ticket confirmation code is now always displayed in registration notification emails for attendees. Previously it was only shown when a PDF ticket was not issued in the email.
  • Added mass edit progress status modal.
  • Added more hints in the order refund modal.
  • More robust mass mailing to prevent people receiving the same email multiple times.
  • All emails sent by our system should now be in the mail history.
  • Added coupon cloning.


  • Fix export for person con states table in Admin
  • Fix buttons in people section that do not work at org scope in Admin
  • Fix tile alignment on sites Home page on Sites
  • Fix child session incorrectly pending publish when parent session is updated
  • Fix widths of various dropdowns in Admin – column header select dropdowns, grid view dropdown
  • Fix the price filter in the ticket types table. You can also now type ‘FREE’ to filter on free tickets.
  • Fix a crash when you tried to export a survey that has a document type question.