September 2022 Release Notes

September 2022 Features

  • Sites UI Refresh: Event Website UI upgraded to Bootstrap 5, which brings refreshed look across the Event Website.
  • Unavailability Blocks for People: Event attendees and organizers can now set unavailability blocks for people, which are used to determine a person’s availability for meetings.
  • Meetings API: New API added to allow retrieving meetings for an event.

September 2022 Improvements

  • Auto-fill surveys slug field inline with survey name field
  • Improve speed of filters in the scans table
  • Add QR code string below QR codes
  • Make the right panel functional on mobile devices
  • Reduce size of admin menu based on SKUs
  • Reduce size of sites My Account menu based on SKUs
  • Remove offline events from the event portal calendar

September 2022 Fixes

  • Corrected width of some narrow table columns
  • Fix visible until not saved when updating a session
  • Fix error in taxes configuration and email notifications screens
  • Fix the logistics table width
  • Fix ticket downloads not working from the Tickets column in the People table
  • Adjust width of the links column in the documents table to show all the buttons
  • Fix organizations count wrong in the Organizations page
  • Fix the scope of the tickets sold Excel export
  • Fix bio update not saving on sites
  • Fix the people table filters for job title, tags, meeting preferred location and last scanned at
  • Fix the links to the mobile apps in the mobile app about page
  • Fix the event dropdown in the Products modals
  • Fix the My Account section on Admin
  • Fix the coupons dropdowns
  • Fix the scoping of the Income and Expenses tables
  • Fix the Task delete modal having no message
  • Fix the scope of the classic Orders Sold report
  • Fix deleting a person’s bio image from the admin