May 2021 Release Notes


  • Redesign of Event Modal: Added new properties for event and new fields for event modal.
  • User Security Roles: Added a feature for assigning security accesses to new or existing people.
  • Poster Sessions (beta): Added new Poster session type to the manager and Poster session page to sites for poster presentations.
  • Redesign of Event Manager Login: Added mechanism to manage embedded session information on virtual session panel.


  • Added configurations to make ticket holder organization field visible and mandatory.
  • Added status label to website column in event table.
  • Better error handling for sales contact form.
  • Added intro text for organizations by category page on sites.
  • Added a link to log in directly to the website as yourself.
  • Added a link to log in a Grenadine instance in the management console.
  • Refactored the UI for organizations.
  • Redesign users page on global settings.


  • Fix mobile app info displaying on sites when mobile app is disabled.
  • Disable event website when event is soft deleted.
  • Brought back phone numbers for organizations.