Consumer Show

Grenadine, the NEW standard of admissions into your events.

Consumer Shows can now take full advantage of Cashless e-Ticketing, Website, Mobile Guide and Check-in App with all the tools to simplify how you engage with, sell to and grow your audience. Grenadine Event Planner provides the tools you need to keep your audience engaged, informed and your show front of mind.

Grenadine cashless e-Ticketing, a complete ticketing solution brings control of your your entire process back to you. Unlimited users, unlimited events and unlimited ticket types are all part of the standard offering. Tickets to your show can be purchased on any device, from anywhere, even on-site. No delays or wait times for your funds, ticket sales are immediately deposited into your account, in addition we will PAY YOU to be your e-ticketing partner.

The 1-2-3 of Selling Tickets, by Grenadine

1- Enter pertinent event information (date, venue and schedule), 2 – define your ticket types and options (which are unlimited) and 3 – link payment platform. Publish and Grenadine will automatically generate your Event Website, Mobile Guide and Check-In App, all in real-time.

With your e-Ticket Sales, your Event Website and your Event Mobile Guide completely set up and ready, why not create immediate interest? In just a couple of minutes you can import previous attendees and send a personalized invite. Include information relevant to your show such as schedule of events, the link to your new automatically generated Website and downloadable Mobile App. The emails sent are stored and accessible in Grenadine for future reference.

On-site, attendees can continue buying cashless e-Tickets and help ease your burden, expense and the line-ups associated with exclusively having cashiers and/or self-serve kiosks. Increasing efficiencies while reducing your total number or cashiers, kiosks, armoured service requirements and so on.

The Check-In App is easily used by security and requires no additional investment with training time calculated in minutes. User-ID dictates scan mode and how data is interpreted. Set and receive varied notifications and pertinent information like VIP arrival or number of attendees on your show floor, all in real time.

At the end of the day, use the mass-mailer feature to quickly send a reminder email to all who have yet to attend or perhaps a discount to encourage a return visit for those who have. Grenadine gives you the tools, the features and full control of your complete ticketing system.

It really is as uncomplicated as the slogans state, Selling Tickets is as easy as 1 – 2- 3 and Grenadine Will Simplify Your Day!

Grenadine, the ticketing platform that gives you more control, more features and added revenue. Contact us to inquire on how you can benefit from the power that is Grenadine and how much we will PAY YOU to be your Cashless e-Ticketing partner.

Overview of what you can now do

  • Create and assign unlimited users and events;
  • Define unlimited e-Ticket types;
  • Promote ecofriendly cashless and paperless e-Ticketing options to your audience;
  • Inform and promote on your automatically generated Website;
  • Market directly to your community on your automatically generated event Mobile App;
  • Implement push notifications, instant updates and pre-event reminders;
  • Easy re-use of existing data to promote to past attendees;
  • Easily build, modify and publish Schedules;
  • Maintain consistent branding over all events;
  • Retain shared services (payment platforms, email servers, etc.) over all events;
  • Bring control of all data and financials in-house;
  • Custom define the reporting you need;
  • Mass mailing with custom mail merge functions;
  • Create, promote and publish Keynote, V.I.P., Speaker profiles with photo, bio, contacts, social networks, etc.;
  • Manage Speakers, Attendees, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Partners and Suppliers;
  • Print pre-reg badges;
  • Offer a Lead Service and pre-event promos to Exhibitors;
  • Configure limited space sign-up & wait-lists;
  • Control and apply Promo Codes as desired;
  • Make use of multi-lingual display options;
  • Assign and distribute documents, notes, tasks;
  • Administer logistics and budgets;
  • Get paid by Grenadine to be our partner.