Detailed event data through event management APIs

With specific custom needs or integration with your own custom website or internal applications, Grenadine event management APIs has you covered.

Grenadine event management APIs offer:

  • The ability to use Grenadine event data as building blocks in your custom solution
  • Two-way programmatic access to all data
  • Easy integration using industry-standard JSON web services
  • Fast response times using CDN and cached data feeds

Event management APIs?

Sometimes, advanced users and customers with specific branding requirements have their own websites, application or custom 3rd-party systems that contain or need to display event information.

Grenadine offers a complete suite of event data APIs  which can be used by developers to retrieve and send event data back and forth between Grenadine Event Planner and your system. Grenadine provides a set once and publish everywhere model for data management, all data published by APIs are immediately and perinatally in sync.

Clear event API documentation

All Grenadine Event Planning APIs are clearly documented using human-friendly Swagger UI. Development teams can visualize and interact with the Grenadine event APIs before they start coding your custom application, making for rapid experimentation and implementation.