Lead Retrieval

Grenadine Complete Lead Service

When exhibiting at a Trade Show, Consumer Show, Conference, Fair, or any type of organized Event, your priorities are to showcase your product offerings, improve your market position and collect developable sales leads. To realize these necessities you may find yourself forced into renting expensive and sometimes cumbersome systems with auxiliary components or resorting to holding frivolous in-booth draws yielding unclear handwritten notes. We all know there has to be a better way.

The Grenadine Complete Lead Service has proven to be a much better way, with powerful tools and features that will assist in your success. As an Exhibitor, you too will benefit from the harmonizing of experience, knowledge, and technology.          

This powerful cloud-based solution is offered to you FREE of any charge for your iOS device and is as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Event Scan App by Grenadine

Scanning the QR code of any event participant captures pertinent information and stores the contact as your new sales lead.  The service works on your iOS device with or without a data connection.  Add notes to confirm the conversation, requirements, and follow-up, then download or receive your spreadsheet by email.

  1. Download the Grenadine Scanning App for your iOS device (FREE for all Exhibitors)
  2. Initialize the App (from your Self-Serve Portal)
  3. Create and refine your Sales Leads by scanning Participant QR Codes and adding custom notes
  4. Download or receive your Leads spreadsheet by email

2) 1-on-1 Meetings by Grenadine

Now you can provide all prospective customers the opportunity of booking a 1-on-1 meeting with you. Once booked, you may accept and save to your calendar or decline the meeting.

  1. Login to a Grenadine Event Website
  2. Toggle ‘Enable meetings’ to ON (in My Settings)
  3. Set your unavailability (in My Unavailabilities) and meeting requests will arrive via email giving you ample time to prepare your presentation or discussion
  4. View and manage your meetings (in My Schedule) 

3) Company Profile+ by Grenadine

Why settle for merely displaying a logo when you can bolster interest in your company, product offerings, and more. Your Company Profile is featured on the Event Website for all Participants to view and interact with before, during, and after the Event.  

  1. Login to a Grenadine Event Website
  2. Add your company’s logo, social media links, documentation, a video, contact information, Exhibiting staff and a complete description of your Company and Product offerings
  3. Save and publish, returning anytime should modifications or additions be required


           97% of those having used our product score it as very good to excellent, with Customer Service scoring 4.9 Stars