Toolbox: Volunteer Forms

Toolbox: Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Forms Templates

In almost every event, part of the success is achieved with the help of volunteers. But, it’s important to get all the necessary information when recruiting volunteers. Volunteers should be assigned to a position of interest as well as use their skills when necessary.  

Below are the forms that can accelerate the recruitment process of these potential volunteers.

Volunteer form 1:

A basic form to recruit helpers for any type of event. It asks basic questions on the volunteer’s interest as well as availabilities.

Download: Volunteer Form 1 – Doc
Download: Volunteer Form 1  – PDF

Volunteer form 2:

This form can be used for volunteer coordinators who are seeking people with specific skills.

Download: Volunteer Form 2 – DOC

Volunteer form 3:

This form is specifically for organizations that are hosting different events. Volunteers here must sign a waiver form as well as provide the organization their personal information.

Download: Volunteer Form 3 + Volunteer Form 3b – Doc
Download: Volunteer Form 3 + Volunteer Form 3b– PDF

Volunteer Form Templates

Volunteer form 4:

This form can be used for conference organizers who need volunteers. (Little more required experience from volunteers)

Download: Volunteer Form 4 – PDF
Download: Volunteer Form 4 – DOC

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