Virtual Conference Center

Virtual conferences with all the participant features you need!

Access to green rooms before each session

  • Take the time to prepare your speakers before their conferences
  • Use this room to allow sharing of last minutes details

Provides session chat, Q&A and automated check-ins notifications

  • Provides space to allow attendees to talk with the speakers, ask questions, comment on the subject and more.
  • Lets you know at all times who has entered the room and is participating to the session.
  • Always opened on the left side of the virtual session.

Event-wide chat

  • Give your attendees a chat space to connect and relate within the entire website
  • Send a direct message, invite to a video call and view their profile.

Live video feed supporting many applications to suit your needs.

Automated reminders to fill session evaluations

  • Automatically show the link to fill surveys on top of the session window.
  • Use surveys to know more about your audience, how they liked your event, and more.