July 2022 Release Notes

July 2022 Features

  • Notification e-mail for forms: The system will send a notification email to the company when a form is filled in on their profile page.
  • Unscope features to the global level: logistics, budget, income and expenses, products, orders sold, tickets sold, products sold, scans, promo codes, mass mailing, tasks and documents.

July 2022 Improvements

  • Upgraded Zoom
  • Added more details to the “stale object” error message
  • Upgraded recaptcha
  • Added survey respondent edit button in the survey responses table
  • Added survey respondent email button in the survey responses table
  • Added survey respondent name filter in the survey responses table
  • Added status_code filter for the customers table
  • Added a progress bar modal for mass mailing
  • Added a “reply-to” field in mass mailing modal
  • Allow organizers to delete 1-on-1 meetings
  • Added DB validations on session details table

July 2022 Fixes

  • Fix conference_listing_introduction not on the calendar view
  • Fix missing ticket type modal template
  • Fix refresh button not working on survey responses panel
  • Fix localize advanced configurations
  • Fix a bug that prevented deleting some mailings
  • Fix misleading “on going” conference status even though the conference starts in the future