September 2020 Release Notes


  • Display organizations by category: Added new page on sites to display organizations grouped by category.
  • Organization detail page: Added new organization detail page on sites. The organization detail page displays more information about each organization.
  • Enable/disable website: Website enable/disable configuration added.
  • Session custom fields: Added session custom fields to APIs.


  • Updated look of sites organizations pages (Exhibitors, Partners, Sponsors) with new logo tile display.
  • Added accessibility elements for sign ups and waitlist functions on session detail page.
  • During checkout as a guest, the user will be automatically logged in with a new account if the guest is a new user.
  • Added fields to include a video link for an organization. Specify the video type (Youtube, Vimeo) and video url and the video will display on the organization’s detail page.
  • Added ticket exclusion constraint field in session modal dialog.
  • Simplification of the event modal dialog on the event manager main page.
  • Added inline-editable url slug column on the event table.
  • Updated the postal address form template on my account contact info page in sites by replacing the state/province field by a dropdown if the countries selected are CA or USA.
  • Added join virtual session popup dialog box on session details page.
  • Added a copy function in the Pages table on event manager.
  • In the Enterprise Admin console, allow the active column to be inline-editable.
  • Made the ID columns on the event manager tables filterable and sortable.
  • Add logic on login mechanism to skip password page if the user has no password yet.
  • Added a customizable title to the participant listing page on customers’ sites.
  • Moved images’ storage location to allow us to provide features that necessitate more disk space in the future.
  • Improve the image editing software when uploading an image.
  • Added the option to include the person’s city on badges.
  • Renamed the Community configuration page and moved it under the People section in the navigation menu.
  • Add date and time of the session to cancellation emails.
  • Fixed the post-login redirect when trying to access a Call for submission to go to the first step of said Call for submission.
  • We now keep the state table views (including filters) so when you return to the page you see the same filter, etc.
  • Various optimizations to improve speed of information retrieved.


  • Ticket without session can be transferred now
  • Submenu is now visible on safari on hover of the menu sidebar in event manager
  • Added validators on submission review form fields
  • Removed empty error flash message on survey copy
  • ‘Back to event’ submenu button fix on event manager (set the button as inactive to make it clickable when the user is on dashboard page)
  • Fixed ‘create a new person’ link on ticket edit modal dialog
  • Fixed remove from waitlist button
  • Fixed a Javascript error with Google Maps in customers’ sites
  • Fixed the event’s logo in the navigation menu not showing