Digitalization in the Event Industry

Digitalization in the event industry Welcome to the 21st century With the increasing technological innovations year after year and the introduction of new gadgets, our everyday habits are slowly changing as we dive into a digitalized world. When smartphones were first introduced to the market, only a few adapters were ready to get into the … Read more

Common Mistakes Planners Make

Common Mistakes Planners Make Nothing is perfect. Certainly not when you’re planning an event. There is so much preparation that must be done, it becomes impossible to coordinate all the tasks without making any mistakes that can cost you in an attendee’s experience and satisfaction. For you, not to over-do or under-do your event planning, … Read more

The Beacon, An Event’s Sidekick

The Beacon, An Event’s Sidekick Have you ever heard about the beacon? I certainly have not, until one of my colleagues introduced the product to me. Little did I know it, it would be one of the best products where event planners can use to enhance the level of interaction from their audience. Although the hype … Read more

The Power of Offering Pay Later

Grenadine Event Management Software helps you plan events with ease from start to finish. Our app has many wonderful features that will help you and your team throughout the lifecycle of your event, allowing you to do everything you can to make sure it runs seamlessly.   That is why we have recently added the pay … Read more

3 Foolproof Methods to Enhance Your Attendee Experience

Do as we say and watch your attendees marvel at your event’s success. Every event planner can tell you about the hurdles of schedule making: from creating mass personalized schedules to avoiding double-booking guests and their activities. The technicalities of building these schedules and event programs can quickly become tedious and complex. However, the biggest … Read more

Considering joining a Professional Event Planning Association?

In a rapidly changing professional landscape, one of the largest obstacles our clients report facing is simply keeping up. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate in a world that becomes more reliant on it by the hour – not to mention the need for constant attendee-pool growth, ever-changing expectations, as well as equally fickle … Read more

Tips from the top

All changes & major historical events considered, Marie-France reminds us that there are some things about event planning that have fundamentally remained unchanged, such as managing client expectations.